What is tubs me?

tubsme helps People, unknown to each other, that do share the same interests to connect. Simple, effective and with just 5 Steps ready to use. Start tubsing ;-)

How does tubs me work?

Fill out your Profile (Gender, Chatname and Age) - no further registration required. Add a Status Message (max. 40 Chars), select a Status and tap on tubsme. If available, within a few seconds, other tubs me Users will be connected to your device and you can read there Status, see where they are (depending on the GPS-Signal) and even chat with them.

Which are the requirements?

An iPhone 5 or newer with at least iOS 7.1 and with activated WiFi/Bluetooth.
*On the iPhone 4s due to hardware limitations the usability is restricted.

Do you collect any Data?

NO, tubsme dosen't collect ANY DATA at all and store them on external Servers for later evaluation. All Informations are solely kept on your Device and do only exist as long as they are required for the APP to do what it's thought to do.

How to send a Status?

Simply write a Status Message (so that Others may understand, what you are looking for), select one of the nine Statuses and tap on the green tubsme-Buttons. Change Status by tapping on another Button and re-tap the green tubsme-Button, wait a moment to receive informations form other Users. Stops sending our your Informations by tapping on the red tubsme-Button (this also helps saving your battery charge). The Chat functionality dosen't depend on sending or receiving of tubs me-Statuses.

What happens if I tap on tubsme?

The App starts sending your current status and contemporarly receiving statuses from other Users nearby. Once a connection between two devices has been established, informations are exchanged and if not already existent either in the Current- or Confirmed-Database added to it. To preserve Battery life, once you're no longer interested for new tubsme-statuses, tap on the button again.

What's the button appearing on the right for, when I activate tubs me?

This button shows you an overview of all nearby devices that are trying to connect with you. As soon as another device has been connected, data is being exchanged and verified. Newly received Statuses are visualized by a counter in the Navigationbar.

I've been 'tubsed', what now?

Check out the Contact (swipe to the right over the cell) and decide if you want to accept the invitation or not. Swiping to left lets you confirm or delete the request. Confirmed once are moved into the 'Confirmed'-Tab, there you can initiate a Chat-Room, if the the other tubsme User has confirmed yourself, he may enter the Chat-Room also and you can start to exchange messages.

How to connect with other Users?

Your devices creates a local Notification if other nearby tubsme-Users are transmitting their status. Once you've registered this status under the 'Confirmed'-Tab you may decide to start a Chat-Room. Chatting works also, if the tubsme-Button is green (not sending out your status, to preserve battery life).

No Connections can be established...

The time tubsme requires to send out and receive statuses from other users may vary depending on Location (inside/outside) and type of connection (Bluetooth/WiFi) and number of other Users nearby. Depending on your Settings it also may appear, that there aren't any Contacts available- that's because tubsme filters them out - change the Settings and you should see new and old request.

How do I find out, about other Users?

Even when the App is not running on your Device, as loon as Bluetooth is activated, you'll receive a Local Notification that another User is nearby.

How to start a new conversation?

Swiping to the left over a confirmed Contact, gives you the opportunity to initiate a Chat-Room, once the other Contact has entered the same Room, you'll be notified on screen and you can start to chat with each other.

How does the Chat work?

The Chat-Room is only temporarily, once you leave it all Messages and Images are lost. You may re-enter the Chat-Room and continue to exchange messages, but none of the previous once are available anymore. You may change to another Room during Conversation and comeback to the previous one, again with loosing every bit of information that has been there before.

Can I save a Conversation?

NO, all communication is only temporarily available as long as all parties are within the same Chat-Room, once left the current Room the Inbox is cleared.

Can I restore old Conversation or Images?

NO, once left the Chat-Room these can't be restored. There is a setting available to save automatically all Images at the moment when they are received, only the Images and NOT the conversation are stored locally. You may access them via the Foto-App on your Device.

How to setup my personal settings?

Fill out your Profile (asked the first time you launched the App). Under the Settings-Pane you can define if tubs me should filter based on Gender and Status. Further Settings can be found in the Settings-App of your device so you can define how you'll be notified from tubsme.

How to save Battery-Life?

After taping on the tubsme-Button, your device sends out your status and searches for other Users in your vicinity. As long as the button is red - energy obviously is consumed, so once you're satisfied with the statuses received, turn it off (becomes green again) and you save energy. Chatting although is still possible.

Can I chat with other User that are on a different Status?

YES, as long as you enter the same Chat-Room you can communicate.

Can I start a Group-Chat?

YES, all Users that enter the same Chat-Room can communicate between each other, keep in mind that all messages sent through tubs me are visible for all Users in this Chat-Room. So, to clear up replies use the '@Name: Message' style. Informations that are relative to all participants of the chat may just be communicated.

Can I chat with different Users in different Chat-Rooms?

YES, just keep in mind once you leave a Chat-Room for another one, all previous messages received are eliminated, so when you do come back it appears without any previous content.

Missing FAQ

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